doesn't like exo and
certainly doesn't like that kim jongdae dude

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Jongdae’s introduction @ Jamsil Stadium Comeback Showcase

Jongdae | Lightning power intro

church-of-chensus asked:
chen stans unite!! i wish i had seen the stream but from the performances i saw on youtube (specially run) he was just going form here to there with such a broad smile omg brb sobbing  

yes yes yes he was azkjhdkfkdhgfdkjgf he’s the cutest human being to ever live istg ;A; also i love how he sing-shouts the kind of upbeat songs like 3.6.5 or Run haha you can just feel his excitement and raw emotion ugh get this boy away from him he gives me too many hardcore feels ;A;

fans kept chanting “Kim Jongdae” to prompt him to sing the few lines from Moonlight D.O. and Baekhyun had just sung so he kindly (and beautifully) obliged

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fans chanting “kim jongdae” and jongdae singing afterwards 

i am proud proud proud pROUD PROUD AND HAPPY to be a jongdae stan today:

  • the Jamsil Stadium audience freaking CHANTED for him to sing one part of Moonlight (i wish i could hug each and everyone of them with a pASSION)
  • he seemed so happy during this comeback showcase and had this beautiful, bright smile of his on all the time and i just azkjhdkehfkf :DDDDDDDDDDD
  • he was the cutest and so cutely flustered during that q&a about where they’d take their gf
  • he performed each song with so much passion he seemed to be on fire and it was so beautiful to witness ;AAAA;


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